We are committed to supporting a thriving ecosystem for technologists in Africa. This means we work with a number of fantastic partners.

In the past two years we have witnessed the rise of Africa’s tech incubator. Already spaces have come online in Kampala, Nairobi, Douala and Dakar. New initiatives are coming online in Accra and Lagos and many more are on the way. Each lab offers their respective tech community a physical nexus space for meetings, events and work.

The labs serve as an accessible platform for bringing together technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers in the area. Each lab shares a focus on young entrepreneurs, Web and mobile-phone programmers and designers.

On March 3rd 2010, founders from several established African tech incubators and open collaboration spaces @HiveColab @iHub @NaiLab @Bantalabs and @ActivSpaces came together for the iHub launch in Nairobi. The meeting hosted by NaiLab (an iHub neighbor) made clear that each of the labs shares in a common vision to promote technology as a platform for entrepreneurship on the continent. The labs have a lot to gain by working together and it was in this thinking that AfriLabs was born.

The United States seeks to engage emerging African innovators, entrepreneurs and young leaders as partners in promoting economic opportunity, development, and mutual understanding.  Their partnership with Appfrica International underscores the U.S. Government’s emphasis on the role and importance of economic development and market forces in U.S. foreign policy, as well as the U.S. commitment to reach out to young leaders who represent both the present and future of Africa.

Unreasonable at Sea is a mentor driven accelerator for tech entrepreneurs who desire to take their ventures into new international markets. We are searching for technology based companies who are working to solve the greatest social and environmental challenges of this century. Why Unreasonable? After seeing the success of the model of the Unreasonable Institute, Unreasonable at Sea will take a new approach. Instead of uniting entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial Hub of Boulder (as Unreasonable Institute does), we have partnered with Semester at Sea to launch this accelerator on a ship as it travels more than 25,000 nautical miles around the globe to 14 international destinations.