Founded in 2008 in Kampala, Uganda, Appfrica is an innovative global firm that helps the world’s leading organizations enter African markets. We work with NGOs, government agencies, fondations, and corporations who are seeking local technical expertise and partners. We specialize in market research, custom technology solutions, and investment in emerging markets.

The knowledge of our team allows us to address global problems that no one else can, particularly as it relates to Africa and other emerging markets around the world.

Our work as earned us a great reputation and we’re widley respected across the continent having enjoyed continued media coverage and attention from Forbes, CNN, New Scientist, TED, NPR, NTV (Kenya) and many others over the years. Check out what some of this press is saying about us here.

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  1. Doderer - October 24, 2009

    [...] Incubation projects are exactly the type of investment model I would love to see replicated all over the continent, please take a moment to read about AppAfrica Labs. [...]