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Market Insights

We offer research and insights for investors looking to make better decisions on the continent.


We help our partners invest and manage investments in Africa's most exciting growth markets.

Consumer Behavior

We have our finger on the pulse of Africa's growing population of consumers in key markets throughout the East, West, and Southern regions.

Social Impact

We're also committed to social good. We have a non-profit arm that runs a number of altruistic programs.

Working anywhere requires a degree of local expertise. We help our partners hire, contract, and manage technology teams across Africa.

Investing and Managing Assets in Africa

About Appfrica

Appfrica helps the world's leading companies invest and manage assets in over 16 African countries. We invest, accelerate the growth of African tech ventures, and advise our partners.

Founded in 2008 in Kampala, Uganda, we work with multinational firms, government agencies, foundations, and private equity funds who are seeking support on the continent.

We're a for-profit venture but reserve a portion of our profits to support various social impact initiatives. These altrustic efforts include a 1500 sq ft. co-working & innovation space HiveColab, Women in Technology Uganda which helps ensure equitable career opportunities for women pursing tech careers, and our seed fund the invests in Africa's next generation of brilliant entrepreneurs.

About D8A Group

D8A (pronounced "dee" "ayht" "aye") Group is an award winning design consultancy based out of Philadelphia, PA. Our expertise is delivering technical solutions, data informed design, and consultation around client strategy and communications. Appfrica is a D8A initiative, find out more at D8A.com


  • "Building tech companies in the land of dialup..."

  • "Appfrica is an organization that strives to create more tech jobs and hone more innovative tech minds in Africa."

  • "While commodities such as oil and gas are still doing big business in Africa, there is a quiet revolution being led by the fast growing design and technology sector – the ‘new gold’ that, with the availability of cheap smart phones supplied by the Chinese, is fast becoming Africa’s hottest commodity."

    The Southern African
In 2010 we invested in one of Africa's most prominent innovation hubs, Hive Colab, in Kampala, Uganda. It serves as a training facility and event space for our corporate partners like Mozilla, Microsoft and more!

Our Work in Africa

There isn't a better group of strategists and implementers on the continent -- Get in touch and we'll prove it! Contact us today.




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